Basic Ceramics Classes: Experience

Basic Ceramics Classes: Experience

Treating ourselves to an engaging experience


The Carlo Zauli Museum offers a series of events dedicated to an experience of total immersion in the world of ceramics. It involves the use of clay through experimentation with a specific technique used to make a personal ceramic product.
The course is designed for groups of people or tourists who, in a few hours, want to see what it is to work with their hands and clay, understand what ceramics is and experience the emotions that are generated by this immersive experience.

4-hour workshop and ceramic workshop:

for groups from 8 to 15 people €80 per person
for groups from 16 to 25 people €50 per person
Personal (from 1 to 7 people) €400 per group

Alternatively, it is possible to establish an even shorter experience according to the needs of the group, upon agreement with the operator on appropriate times and costs.

The courses will be held in the historical workshops of the Carlo Zauli Museum.

The date and time is established according to the needs of the group in order to be able to cater for tourist tours or educational programmes. The course does not include firing the object. If the participants wish to own the manufactured products, it is possible to carry out the related firing and shipping upon reimbursement of the respective costs.

Monica Zauli

In the historic spaces of the Carlo Zauli Museum, located in Faenza, a city with a thousand-year-old ceramic history, 30 minutes from the wonderful Byzantine vestiges of Ravenna, Bologna, the sea and 2 hours from Florence, Monica Zauli, daughter of art, architect and artist , will introduce the participants to the “paradise” of ceramics, telling of the little girl who observed her father’s work and what she learned from him both about materials and about tools and techniques. Monica will guide the clay work right up to its firing, giving advice, offering alternatives and, when necessary, reminding us of the rules of the art.

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